It's perfect for packing and it's easily decomposable after use (or edible), and usually there should be always popcorn at home :-), - Popcorn maker, which uses hot air for popping up, - of course something you want so send away (for example a flower vase filled with your friends favorite candies), - (you might also put in a small package with popcorn flavors like cinnamon and sugar or pepper, salt and paprika). We understand that the market is becoming very crowded so it is vital that your popcorn packaging stands out. We have 101244 companies and 1186563 products and services. 2. Popcorn Pouches are the packaging material available for packing ready to eat popcorn. Popcorn bags are the new and stylish way of packaging popcorn and other related snacks and when it comes to popcorn and other related snacks, the maintenance of the sweet/salty taste and most importantly the crunchiness. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(70169, '49a8bc7d-ecd4-4be1-abd1-495ea186bfc1', {}); © 2020 ABC Packaging Direct. In my humble opinion, stand up pouches are the best type of popcorn packaging. 4. Our lightweight, durable, puncture proof popcorn bags provide the maximum protection against humidity, sunlight, moisture and heat. China Popcorn Packing Material, Popcorn Packing Material from China Supplier - Find Variety Popcorn Packing Material from packing material ,kunshan shengye packing material ,medical packing material, Plastic Film Suppliers Located in China, Buy Popcorn Packing Material Made in China on While is capable of creating these types of bags, we do encourage you to explore other options to ensure you get the most out of your money. Boxes are crafted with food grade material and safe inks to avoid any pollutants coming in contact with popcorns. Global Shortage of 38-400 Alcohol Compliant Gallon Pumps! White Recyclable EPS Packing Peanuts Great for Cushioning Fragile items by MT Products - (Approx … I will be using this every time I would have used packing peanuts. Great instructable! I thought by doing this more the private home or maybe a small clay burning manufacture which could use the heat of the oven (and some kind of stirring ventilation) to create the packaging material at the moment of need. The tins alone cost a pretty penny and then you have to think about the extra inner layer that most people opt in for thinking that it will help keep their popcorn fresh. We have 101244 companies and 1186563 products and services. There are different forms of bubble wrap, foam packing pellets or peanuts, and popcorn. Experts say it’s one of the fastest growing markets in the snack food industry. This will attract consumers and increase your chances of making that sale. They come with high-precision sensors for a more accurate and stable filling process. Get Best Quote. I’ll bet the packaging will play a part! With the wide front, back and bottom, you have a lot of real estate to tell the consumers what your brand is about. These bags are made from rollstock and then sealed together by a FFS (form fill seal) machine with the end result being your typical chip bag. The product was swiftly banned for such use. The demand for pre-popped popcorn is on the rise in the US. Русский ; 中文; English; B2B Marketplace for Suppliers, Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters . Popcorn Packaging Bag/Packaging Materials/Packaging and Paper. Packaging Ideas for Popcorn 4# Tin. The Delipop popcorn are looking good with bright bold colors. First let’s state the obvious; they don’t stand up. Whatever your branded colors are we are confident that we can match that 100%. Cover the bottom of your cardboard carton with some paper. When your popcorn is unable to stand up on the store shelves it doesn’t get seen and you’re not going to make a sale. Yes! Furthermore, you must arrange the packaging materials for finished popcorn packaging. Dura-pack’s premium popcorn packaging bags are designed to keep popcorn fresh and delicious. Ornaments, That Smell Like Christmas and Will Warm Your Heart. Packaging Ideas for Popcorn 5# Popcorn paper cones. Anyone who knows of a biodegradable packing material that is just as good as Styrofoam should contact Carol Kent at Booklab, 8403 Its cool but not worthy of winning a contest. Place your company logo on these boxes. Popcorn is 60% lighter than shredded paper (usually used for making packaging material) and hence it takes 10% less energy to transport. The next major problem is that once you open these bags there’s no way of creating another airtight seal. Now, most importantly, stand up pouches are the best way to protect and preserve your popcorn. Now that delivery times even across the nation are very short I don't think anyone need worry about rodents, other animals, or anything else. I would think that the biggest problem with using this method of packing would be that small animals would be interested in examining your box during transit. If you’d like to learn more about artwork, check out our guidelines here. Remember me. Packhit brings the best packaging designs. I am Interested. About site; Services; Advertising; Contacts; Log in. Generally, corn or maize is the primary required raw material. The best thing about this is it helps stop the huge amount of styrofoam that we are dumping into landfills in the form of packing peanuts. Request Callback. So, you can have plenty of storage space for a lot of popcorn. If this is the option that you’d like to take, we are more than happy to help you! The next best thing about these bags for your popcorn is that they stand up! Compared to conventional, and less effective form-fill bags with generic one-time seals, any of PBFY’s resealable popcorn bags or pouches are an excellent alternative for your gourmet product. 1 Cu Ft White Bio Tube Recycled Anti Static Packing Peanuts Popcorn Tube Shape Loose Fill | Magicwater Supply 4.5 out of 5 stars 42 StarBoxes Regular Packing Peanuts, 6 Cu. Ft. Profit from Popcorn Manufacturing Business. Packaging is one of the easiest things to change and using stand up pouches as your popcorn packaging will bring you ahead of the game in the popcorn industry. I didn't even know that you could pop the corn seeds in acid. clear bags popcorn packaging Product Info: Item popcorn packaging Material Polypropylene film/opp film Color by your design,transparent or up to 10colors Style opp bag with adhensie tape and hanging header size 11*25+4.2cm(flap) or under 100cmx100cm Printing Color print by your design thickness 0.02-0.05mm for opp material Suitable for bag for sugar,tool,food. At the end of the day, the most important part of any business is to make a profit. Second, tins are not airtight containers. This barrier film is able to protect your popcorn from moisture, vapor, odor and even UV rays. These bags are made from multiple layers of laminated barrier film. Request a Quote. It doesn’t matter how little your popcorn weighs, stand up pouches are made to stand and that is exactly what they’ll do on the store shelf. This means that the product will go stale fast so the buyer better be ready to consume the entire product right then. As kids we did the popcorn string thing as Xmas decorations too, but was kinda soggy and too stale to eat when taken down after New Years. Amcor’s AmLite Standard Recyclable packaging delivered on these three requirements, and the packaging can be recycled in front-of-store crisp packet recycling systems and is suitable for polypropylene recycling … Next up is the ever-famous popcorn tin. Not sure which popcorn packaging system is the best for you…. These custom popcorn packaging boxes are somewhat reduced in price and readily available. Remember me. contact us. As this industry grows it will be interesting to see who rises above and who falls behind. Using Popcorn as Packing or Packaging Material. Many packing peanuts are made from starch (potato), and air popped popcorn shouldn't be a threat to flora and fauna as it is no longer viable as a seed or plant. A less innovative but still very good looking Popcorn packaging from Indiana Popcorn. Out of all of the options that I have discussed, stand up pouches are the only type of popcorn packaging that will form a tight seal after the product has initially been opened. FAST & FREE SHIPPING. However, again, these bags have some issues. Share it with us! Awesome idea. Wissenschaftler forschen, was man mit dem Puffmais noch alles machen kann. Thank you. AS LOW AS 100 BOXES. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best (and worst) ways to package pre popped popcorn. Popcorn printed Boxes are used to store or serve other snacks like candies, chips, etc. :-). Cool Pak Popcorn come in this green bag with a giant popcorn as design. If you have a different opinion, please share with me! Rice Printed Pouches And Rolls. Creative Agency: The Parish Advertising Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: 4700 BC Popcorn Location: Banglore, India Packaging Contents: Popcorn Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Printing Process: Digital print 4700 BC Popcorn, it is a brand driven with a passion of turning heads and thoughts of every Indian when he thinks about and munches on the very lovable and light going snack … Cover it with a nice card, close the package and send it to a nice person :-), Runner Up in the Unusual Uses Challenge 2017, Participated in the Invention Challenge 2017. The method was quickly abandoned as I recall (this some 50 years ago), information was fast- tracked to suppliers because of the liability concerns. Apparently they had - a Dutch computer firm did back in … 3 years ago. Did you make this project? Our company supplies affordable and customizable popcorn packaging machines in can/tin including solid fillers equipped with multiple head weighers and measuring cups. Put it into the popcorn maker, and use your towel to cover the bowl (otherwise your popcorn might jump everywhere). Shared information will not be used for any other purpose. If you’re looking to serve your customers with stale, rotten popcorn then look no further, this cheap packaging is for you. It would become messy if the box arrived with a corner chewed off or worse yet, with a stow-away inside. Read about company. However, back then, the idea did not take off. First, let’s review the most popular types of packaging for pre popped popcorn: The plastic see through bag with a twist tie. What if you want to send something that is easily breakable and you don't have packaging peanuts at home (and don't want to use ordinary toilet or kitchen paper)? ☺. For the supplier it is expensive and difficult to ship due to the size of the containers. These paper tubes works great for packaging popcorn. Next is the ability to showcase your brand and really tell your story. We take all the work out of packing and shipping! The idea of using popcorn for packaging plastics was initiated by a Dutch computer firm in 1990. Lastly, tins are very bulky. Do you know the cost difference, per volume, between this and other packing materials? It can be ingested, but so can plastc... and that is a huge problem in our oceans. However, if you’re looking to actually make a profit and keep customers, let’s explore some other types of packaging. to Styrofoam, but has some of the same disadvantages that popcorn It loses all its body when wet, and is edible. While they may be great for people to store things in after they devour the popcorn, retailers highly frown upon this type of packaging. Popcorn has a high-profit margin. Icutsomboxes solve your popcorn packaging challenges. First, they’re extremely expensive. We are capable of having up to 12 printing cylinders (12 colors) for your project. Make your own packaging "peanuts" aka popcorn. Popcorn As Packaging Material - Yummy and Decomposable: What if you want to send something that is easily breakable and you don't have packaging peanuts at home (and don't want to use ordinary toilet or kitchen paper)?Make your own packaging "peanuts" aka popcorn.It's perfect for packing and it's easily … Get Free Quote. See more ideas about Popcorn packaging, Packaging, Packaging design. The tins alone cost a pretty penny and then you have to think about the extra inner layer that most people opt in for thinking that it will help keep their popcorn fresh. This packaging also allows branding to be displayed on both the tubing itself and the lid, … We use cardboard, kraft and corrugated materials to make the packaging products. Apr 14, 2015 - Packaging ideas and competitive audit. The popcorn tin is definitely a step up from the plastic bags, but there are still some major flaws to this type of packaging. NO SETUP CHARGES. Русский ; 中文; English; B2B Marketplace for Suppliers, Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters . ☺, Reply Companies around the world that ship goods from their facilities use all different sorts of packing materials to protect their products during shipping. We enjoy two decades of working relationship with each carrier benefiting our customers through competitive pricing. Unfortunately I don't have a cost difference, but I guess it will be more expensive than buying corn chips or plastic packaging chips from companies which are specialized on this topic. About site; Services; Advertising; Contacts; Log in. Hi, thank you for this information. The popcorn tin is definitely a step up from the plastic bags, but there are still some major flaws to this type of packaging. With that being said, many people have come to us wondering about the best way to package their popcorn. First, they’re extremely expensive. 4. Price: Rs 220 / Kg Get Latest Price. Promote your products, find best customers and manufacturers. Get contact details and address| ID: 10630808662 Sure most of the others will initially have an air tight seal, but after the product has been opened once it is impossible to close the product back up without additional resources. Popcorn Packers is also an authorized drop off location for your pre-paid FedEx, UPS, DHL & USPS packages. Additionally, you will need to procure salt, butter, flavors, spices, etc. Final Opportunity and Push for 38-400 Alcohol Compliant Gallon PUMPS. Popcorn seems like such a great idea, it made me wonder why no-one had thought of it before. Promote your products, find best customers and manufacturers. In the early 70's my wife would use popcorn as packing when she sent me snacks to Viet Nam. Adding this might open some eyes to using eco conscious alternatives. Second, tins are not airtight containers. Popcorn Shed required a packaging material that would keep its premium popcorn fresh, was easy for consumers to open, and easy for them to recycle in some European countries. Dimensions: All Custom Sizes and Shapes are Available. Yes, actual popcorn. The specialized flexible packaging … It is easier to store corn grains than popcorn aka packaging flips. Approx. But I really could imagine that this preparation method made children sick. Thus, it would be best to serve this high in demand snack delightfully in popcorn packaging boxes that present a comfortable and appropriate carrier of this savored snack. These bags tend to be a crowd favorite because people are familiar with them. Our popcorn packaging prevents exposure to air or moisture, which is vital to avoid when the goal is to maintain freshness. Popcorn Printed Boxes are Multipurpose . With over 30 years of experience in the popcorn bagging industry and representing over 40 manufacturers, INPAK SYSTEMS is in a unique position to recommend the best packaging equipment that will satisfy your specific popcorn bagging needs. Equipment . Click to read our privacy-policy. Upload Artwork: We care about your privacy. Forgot password? Additional information. Wait for the hot air and let it pop... 1. Popcorn Packaging Bag/Packaging Materials/Packaging and Paper. From wholesale jumbo boxes to mini popcorn boxes, we offer personalized boxes for every business. I think my popcorn behaves more like the packaging chips made of corn that children can also use to build and craft with. Popcorn kann mehr als nur Kino! While this is definitely the cheapest type of popcorn packaging, this is also the worst. We offer a variety of solutions for snack food packing, including equipment designed to use a gas flush or modified atmosphere packaging for longer shelf life. The bags have replaced the old fashioned style of using hard paper cartoon cups. Sourcing Medical Supplies From China--Coronavirus or Covid 19 or Not, Plastic Packaging Alternatives and Options for 2020 and Beyond. Many people are fooled into thinking tins have a tight seal when in reality, moisture and odor can still reach the popcorn even when the lid is closed. After use, the popcorn packaging goes into the compost bin! Popcorn Packers is an authorized FedEx, UPS, Airborne/DHL and USPS Shipping Center. Just a point of history, not accusing you of child abuse. Manufacturer of Food Packaging Materials - Popcorn Packaging Material, Frozen Food Packaging, PET Food Packaging offered by RELIANCE PACKAGING INDUSTRIES, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Forgot password? 50ml and 60ml Hand Sanitizer Bottles-- 10 Day Lead Time! Popcorn can be found in many flavours, and the selection is also vast for popcorn packaging: Popcorn bowls and bags in various sizes are the "classics" at every popcorn seller. RELIANCE PACKAGING INDUSTRIES - Offering Popcorn Packaging Material, पॉपकॉर्न बॉक्स, Food Packaging Materials in Sunkadakatte, Bengaluru, Karnataka. All rights reserved. The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments. For the retailer it is expensive and difficult to shelf for the exact same reason; too bulky! Our solid fillers are suitable for quantitative filling in any round can like aluminum, tin, and paper tubes. Many people are fooled into thinking tins have a tight … Raw Materials For Popcorn. Lush cosmetics use popcorn for … Popcorn packaging - not just containers, but eye-catchers, too Packaging for popcorn: various sizes, attractive designs. And now that the popcorn market is becoming more and more crowded, it is becoming increasingly more important to know how to differentiate your company from your competitors. Back in the '60's here in the U.S. popcorn popped with acid was used for packing material as you show, however it was found that children would scavenge through discarded packing material and become quite ill. Popcorn packaging suppliers can also utilise tin packaging as well, they have many purposes even after the popcorns are finished and this is something that attracts a lot of people. Clear plastic tubes are preferable to traditional popcorn tins or paper bag packaging as they allow each individual popcorn flavor to stand out in a compact, display-friendly way.